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Hicksville Pet Dental Services

Pet Dental Care in Hicksville, Nassau County

Serving Levittown, Plainview, and Nassau County

You may have heard that it is possible to add two to four years to your pet’s life with proper dental care. This is true, but does not tell the whole story. Not only will you likely add years to your companion’s life, but you will increase his or health, vitality and wellbeing through proper dental care.

Comprehensive Pet Dental Services

pet dental services in Hicksville

Island Trees Veterinary Hospital takes proper veterinary dental care so seriously. It is an important part of your pet’s preventative care program. Our Hicksville pet dental services include routine cleanings, oral examinations to screen for disease above and below the gum line, as well as extractions and other procedures. For complicated oral surgeries and related procedures, we work with a board certified specialist to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.

Dental Care at Home

Dental care is not something that can be left to periodic visits with your veterinarian. Because plaque buildup—the primary cause of poor oral health—is a gradual process occurring throughout the life of your pet, it is important to practice good home dental care. As with humans, this means regular tooth brushing and in some cases additional steps may be necessary. Any member of the Island Trees Veterinary Hospital staff can show you the proper method for caring for your pet’s teeth as well as help you select the most effective dental products for your pet.

You should also be able to recognize the signs of poor oral health. If you notice any of the following you may want to contact your veterinarian:

  • Bad breath – one of the first signs of dental disease
  • A yellowish-brown crust of plaque on the teeth near the gum line
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Pain or bleeding when your pet eats or when the mouth or gums are touched
  • Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
  • Loose or missing teeth